The Aspendos Theatre is the best preserved Roman antique theatre in the world. The theatre of Aspendos, built on two hills, is leaning against the east slope of the small hill. It was built in the 2nd century A.D. during the period of Marcus Aurelius (161-180).  The theatre reflects the characteristics of the Roman type. Although some part of the Caveat is leaning on the hillside, the upper part rises above the free belts, the paradox are covered, the walls of the analemma are parallel to the caveat, the Caveat’s semi circular plan is the Roman theatre characteristics. In fact, there is a very interesting story of the construction of the Aspendos Theatre…


The interesting story of the construction of Aspendos Theatre… The king of the city of Aspendos thinks his beautiful daughter has come to the age of marriage. He will marry his daughter to the person who would do the most useful job in the city. The two architects stand out from the others with their work. One builds the wonderful aqueducts of Aspendos. The other one builds the theatre we use today. The king thinks the architect deserves his daughter, who builds the aqueducts that bring water from hundreds of miles away. As a result, the city’s water problem has been corrected. The king must marry his daughter to this architect. But the beautiful Princess begs his father; ” Let’s see theatre one more time and then you decide ”. King and princess goes to the theatre. They start silently walking and discussing the marriage issue on top of the gallery vault. Meanwhile, theatre architect has come the bottom of the theatre and sits. Architect, unaware of the King and the girl, he speaks by himself. ”I must have the King’s daughter, King’s daughter must be mine”. The King and his daughter, unaware of the arrival to the theatre’s architect, they continue to discuss marriage and they suddenly hear his voice…

King and her daughter looks down and sees architect and hears architect’ words from the top of building. For the sake of getting married with his daughter, architect who built the theatre which can produce incredible sound acoustics, he could accomplish anything. King finally understood that his daughter was right. Their wedding was held in the theatre. Theodoros’s son Zenon the architect of the Aspendos theatre. If you have visited the ancient Aspendos Theatre in Aspendos, I would suggest you to visiting the whole Aspendos antic city. Other places you need to see in the ancient city of Aspendos are as follows; Acropol, the Agora, Basilica, Nymphaeum and the Aqueduct. Most visitors see the Aspendos Theatre, they take a few photos and videos. No one does not worry or think about the rest of the city. The number of people who are interested in is very small. I hope you will see all the historical sites located in the city of Aspendos. Aspendos theatre entrance fee 25 TL per person for this year. As of the beginning of 2019, we will create separate videos for each destination on our YouTube account. If you subscribe to our channel, you will not miss our videos. In addition, we will soon share photos from our Pinterest and Facebook accounts. If you have any information you would like to add to the contents of this page, please contact us. Thank you in advance.


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