Ataturk’s House, which is close to Kaleici in Muratpaşa district of Antalya, is the place where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk stayed for one week in early March in 1930 during his visit to Antalya. The building, which was formerly used as the Governor’s building, was cleaned and furnished upon the news that Ataturk would visit Antalya and became a suitable place for Ataturk’s stay. There are totals of 11 rooms on two floors. The Ataturk’s house, which was donated to Ataturk by the people of Antalya, is a two-storey, tile-roof, stone building. There is a long hall at the entrance, a living room to the right of the hall, a room, a bathroom and a kitchen, two rooms on the left and a ladder to the upper floor. On the upper floor, there are seven rooms, one separate from the Holden, with a balcony. Ataturk has rested in the room opposite the stairs.

ataturks house

Visiting the shores of Antalya with the ferry on March 8, Ataturk said, “Antalya is the most beautiful place in the world” on his sentence. On March 9, Ataturk, who cared very much about the ancient history of Antalya, visited the Aspendos antique Theatre under the guidance of Suleyman Fikri Erten, the Director of the Antalya Museum. On 10 March, which was the last day of his first visit to Antalya, he examined the history books of the manuscript brought from the Antalya Museum. In the museum, which has been serving as the Ataturk’s house and Museum since 1986, various items related to Ataturk are displayed. During Ataturk’s visit to Antalya, printed clippings of newspapers, Ataturk’s bedrooms, study rooms, paper and coins printed since the foundation of the Republic of Turkey are exhibited. The most important part of the museum is the room where the personal belongings of Ataturk brought from the command of Anıtkabir are exhibited. On November 10, 1938, following an illness of a few months, the national liberator and the Father of modern Turkey died. But his legacy to his people and to the world endures. Ataturk’s House is visited extensively by the visitors every year on 10 November.

Ataturk’s house is very close to the city centre. Entrance to Ataturk’s house is free. The opening hours of Ataturk’s house are from 8am to 7pm. Please note that it is closed on the first day of Religious holidays. The historical places you can visit with a few minutes walk are Hidirlik tower, Karaalioglu Park, Old Town(Kaleiçi), Fluted Minaret, Broken Minaret, Clock Tower, Old Harbour and Hadrian’s Gate. As of the beginning of 2019, we will create separate videos for each destination on our YouTube account. If you subscribe to our channel, you will not miss our videos. In addition, we will soon share photos from our Pinterest and Facebook accounts. If you have any information you would like to add to the contents of this page, please contact us. Thank you in advance.