The Oymapinar Dam is 14 km away from Manavgat waterfall and 18 km away from Manavgat centre, it is one of the highest dams in Turkey. The Oymapinar Dam is 180 meters high and is built in a narrow valley. The view that you can see through the Oymapinar Dam is unique. The Oymapinar dam and the Oymapinar lake are reached by road where passing the ancient aqueducts carrying water from Manavgat to Side. The Oymapinar Dam, which is the 3rd biggest dam in Turkey, was established on Manavgat River and opened to operation in 1984. There are many natural beauties to visit in Antalya and the Oymapinar dam and Oymapinar Lake are places you should visit.

oymapinar lake

Oymapinar Dam, concrete belt type. The Oymapinar Dam consists of 4 turbines, each producing 135 megawatt energy per hour. The height of the dam is 185 m. Oymapinar lake area is 4.70 km2 and the dam’s storage capacity is 300 million m3. In the dam, 1.2 billion kWh of energy is produced per year. The biggest feature of the Oymapinar Dam is that of course it is Oymapinar Lake. The easiest way to visit the Oymapinar lake is to take a short boat tour in the calm waters of the Oymapinar lake and witness the unique beauty. If you look at the water carefully while you are on the boat tour, you can see the fishes grown here. It is possible to swim and dive in Oymapinar lake. Nowadays, local and foreign tourists in this region are engaged in activities in different areas, such as diving, bird watching, mountain biking, Jeep safari and water sports. As an additional note, the Oymapinar dam and the Oymapinar lake are the places where many Turkish films and foreign films scenes took place. From many restaurants in the region, you can enjoy the wonderful taste of the fish grown in Oymapinar Lake. The prices of 8-hour boat tours on Oymapinar lake may vary between 190TL and 300tl. Prices usually include lunches.

The Oymapinar Dam is entered by leaving an ID card at the entrance door. This is because of security reasons. The Oymapinar Dam is so large that as a result of a crack or collapse of the dam in any way, the whole Side and Manavgat and even Antalya can be flooded. Entrance fee for the Oymapinar Dam is 7.5 TL per person. There is also a car parking with a great view. As of the beginning of 2019, we will create separate videos for each destination on our YouTube account. If you subscribe to our channel, you will not miss our videos. In addition, we will soon share photos from our Pinterest and Facebook accounts. If you have any information you would like to add to the contents of this page, please contact us. Thank you in advance.