According to the myth, at the end of 2000 BC the ancient city Phaselis was founded by Mopsos and Lakious. According to the historian Athenaios myth happened as it follows; Lakious and its associated tribes visited here, and they really liked the land and area. Then they decided to establish new city here. But there was a shepherd named Kylabras living here alone with his cows and lambs. Lakious talk with shepherd and made an offer that he can not refuse. In that time money has not been invented so Lakious offered him sacks of grain or boxes of dry fish for the land. Shepherd took dry fishes and left. Then new city built on this land.


In BC. 690 Rhodesians was founded the city as their colony due to having 3 ports and rich forest area (historical monuments tells us).The city was captured by Persians after they conquered Asia Minor, and was later captured by Alexander the Great. After the death of Alexander the Great, the city remained in Egyptian hands from 209 BC to 197 BC, under the dynasty of Ptolemaios, and with the conclusion of the Apamea treaty, was handed over to the Rhodian Peraia, together with the other cities of Lycia. From 190 BC to 160 BC it remained under Rhodesian hegemony, but after 160 BC it was absorbed into the Lycian confederacy under Roman rule. Phaselis, like Olympos, was under constant threat from pirates in the 1st century BC, and the city was even taken over by the pirate Zekenites for a period until his defeat by the Romans. In 42 BC Brutus had the city linked to Rome.  In the 3rd century AD, the harbour fell under the threat of pirates once again. So it began to lose importance, suffering further losses at the hands of Arab ships, until totally impoverished in the 11th century. When the Seljuk began to concentrate on Antalya and Alanya ports, Phaselis historical ports lost their importance and became non-functional.

Phaselis has three harbours as we mentioned before : the ‘Northern Harbour’, the ‘Battle Harbour’ and the ‘Protected Harbour’, of which the last is the most important today. A 24-metre-wide ancient street runs through the middle of the city. The ‘Hadrian Waterway Gate’ is on the southern part of the street. There are ruins of shops and stores on the sides of the street and near these are ruins of public places such as Roman baths, Agoras and theatres. These structures are dated to the 2nd century BC. As in all Roman civilizations, drinking water has been transported from mountains by the help of aqueducts. There is also sewage and drainage system, which is furnished with smooth stones under each street. The entrance fee of the ancient city of Phaselis is 20 TL per person. Visiting hours are from 8 am to 19 pm during the summer months. I would not recommend you to visit Phaselis ancient city on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and on official holidays. You can’t find a place to step. If prices or entry times change, we will update the page. As of the beginning of 2019, we will create separate videos for each destination on our YouTube account. If you subscribe to our channel, you will not miss our videos. In addition, we will soon share photos from our Pinterest and Facebook accounts. If you have any information you would like to add to the contents of this page, please contact us. Thank you in advance.