Tahtali mountain is One of the largest peaks of the Taurus Mountains, which is 2365 meters high. It is also known as Olympus Mountain. It is also known as the mountain where Zeus lived during the summer months. Tahtali Mountain is one of the three mountains in the world, 2365 meters high, rising suddenly from the sea and gazing at sea. Tahtali Mountain is also one of the most important natural national parks in Turkey. At the highest point of the Tahtalıi Mountain, you can see the beauty of the entire coastline from Manavgat to Finike Bay. Tahtali Mountain, which we know as Olympus Mountain, is visited by hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists each year.

tahtali mountain

The summit of Mount Olympus (Tahtali mountain) can be reached by Aerial tramway. The Aerial tramway line has a total length of 4,350 meters and is the second longest aerial tramway line in the world, the longest aerial tramway line in Europe. Each of the Aerial tramway has 2 cabins with a capacity of 80 people and the beauty of forests covered with pine trees beneath your feet is worth seeing as you climb up to 2 thousand 366 meters. The cost of a 10-15 minutes Aerial tramway trip to Tahtali mountain(Olympus mountain) is 33 Euro. In addition, if you want to see the sunset or sunrise on top of the Olympus mountain, prices can be variable. Children under 6 years old are free of charge. The price for local tourists is 65 TL. In addition, paragliding is performed on Tahtali (Olympus) Mountain. This is the longest paragliding route in the world. Tens of thousands of amateur and professional paragliders who want to jump from Tahtali (Olympus) Mountain slopes, which has the most beautiful slopes of the world, visits every year. For nature and hiking enthusiasts, it is a pleasure to climb the Tahtali mountain, the mountain of gods. Also, International Kemer hard Enduro races held in Kemer every year, the race starts on Kemer beach and the race finishes at the summit on Tahtali mountain.

The most well-known god of Greek mythology, mount Tahtali is the Zeus’s mountain. Poseidon is decorated with excellent-looking bays around the mountain. Artemis, placed the most beautiful trees and plants on the mountain. When you look at the magnificent beauty of Antalya from the mountain of these mythological Gods, you can understand why the Gods put Olympus mountain here .To reach Tahtali Mountain from Antalya, you must take Kemer minibuses from Antalya bus station. You can go to the mountain with the help of Aerial tramway from Kemer. You can also take Kemer Express buses from the Antalya 5M Migros shopping centre which next to the Antalya Aquarium. As of the beginning of 2019, we will create separate videos for each destination on our YouTube account. If you subscribe to our channel, you will not miss our videos. In addition, we will soon share photos from our Pinterest and Facebook accounts. If you have any information you would like to add to the contents of this page, please contact us. Thank you in advance.