Welcome to the Antalya Town shopping centres page. Even if you’re on holiday, one of the indispensable things for ladies is shopping. Even if you do not buy something, it is exciting for them to roam the stores for hours and hours…

Surprise your wife, girlfriend or kids and take them to shopping. Below you will find detailed information and location of the shopping malls in Antalya.


Terracity is one of the largest shopping centres in Antalya, with an 800-seater dining area consisting of restaurants and cafés. Located in Lara, one of the most exclusive areas of Antalya, Terracity has 150 shops, 30 restaurants and a huge cinema complex. The vast majority of foreign tourists arriving in Antalya prefer shopping in this shopping centre. There are bus services from the city centre to Terracity. You can find the bus lines to terracity on our page. 800, VL13, LC07, KL08, LF09 and many other buses pass this stop.


It is one of the biggest shopping centres in Antalya. Due to its presence in the city centre, it is the most visited shopping centre of domestic and foreign tourists. It serves a full 51,000 m2 area for fashion, entertainment, food and technology. The Markantalya has 155 shops as well as fast food and restaurants full of flavour. Locals prefer to spend time in the shopping mall during the warmer summer months. The Markantalya is at the crossing point of almost all buses, and the tramway stops right in front of it.


Deepo and Mall of Antalya is entered into each other. Local people know the name of those shopping centres as Deepo. In fact, it is the largest shopping centre of Antalya. Deepo is home to 90 distinguished national and international brands with a total construction area of 38,745 square meters and a rental area of 18,069 square meters. The Deepo has 15 café-restaurants, 5 cinema halls and amusement parks, where you can enjoy discounted shopping on 365 on the year. You can go Deepo by tramway.


Ozdilek shopping centre, a large shopping centre located in the north part of the city. Most of the foreign tourists are unaware of such a shopping centre. Ozdilek shopping centre was established on the area of 38,752 square meters. A total of 114 shops. Ozdilek is the most diverse shopping centre of Antalya. In Ozdilek, the largest construction market in Antalya, electronic market, food and beverage areas, Department stores can be found. You can go Deepo by tramway (DOKUMA STOP) or bus.


5M Migros is one of the oldest shopping centres in Antalya. Before other shopping centres opened, it was the most visited shopping centre in Antalya. 5M Migros is built on an area of 2,000 m2. 5M Migros has 130 stores, hypermarkets and cinemas. Migros only can be reached by bus.


Laura shopping centre built on a total of 24,112 m² which covered by ; the best national and international brands, including 80 shops, 6 cinema halls, 14 restaurant and cafés. Located right next to the SHEMALL shopping centre. All the buses to go to the Terracity, passes by in front of Laura AVM.

We are sure that shopping centres which you will visit would be satisfying your needs. Besides the shopping centres in Antalya, we also offer various other services to make your stay in Antalya even more comfortable and unforgettable.

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