Useful information about Antalya you can find on this page. Let’s start with useful information about Antalya city first.

Population size with tourists: Almost 10.000.000 (average in summer months)

Tourism: Over 20 million tourists visit Antalya each year, Antalya is in the top 20 most visited cities in the world.

Foreigners Living in Antalya: Officially there are almost 100.000 foreign residents (2010). Independent experts says close to half a million people (Most of them Russian).

Language: Turkish but more or less known English or Russian.

Opening hours banks: In general banks are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturday until 1pm.

Opening hours shops: Stores opens around 9am and closes around 10pm. Some stores open almost till morning. Depends on where you were staying.

Currency: Turkish Lira but most of the places Dollar or Euro can be used.

Measures: Weight measured in kilograms, distances measured by the metric system, temperature measured in degrees (Celsius).

Religion: approximately 90% of the population are Muslim (Says that on the records) but I believe that only 40% are real Muslim and rest is only believes money.

Emergency numbers: They are all toll-free.
General emergency services 112.

Ambulance 061.
Fire 110.
Police 155.

Coast Guard 158.
Forest Fire 177.
Gendarmerie 156.
Tourism Information 179.

Size: 20.177 km²

Highest Point: Beydağları (3086m)

Time zone: +3 GMT

Telephone code: (0090) 242

Population size: 2.500.000 (more or less)

Electricity: 220volts

In addition, Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Antalya. In particular I recommend you try the EFES brand beers. Prices may vary depending on where you bought or were drinking. Supermarkets sells usually 6-10 TL. Luxury restaurants or bars could charge you up to 20-40 TL for a pint of beer. In addition, local Pazar’s every day across Antalya. Most fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought at affordable prices. In addition, Bakery’s (FIRIN) open in the morning till night. You can try delicious Turkish bread or bagel (SİMİT). They cost around 1,25-1,50 TL. Sacrifice holiday 21st August – 24th August, Victory Day 30th August and 29th of October on Republic Day, all Antalya municipal buses and tramways are free of charge.  Finally, most of the Turkish people are well aware of swearing words in foreign languages (English, German and Russian). Please do not use too much of F words for your own sake. Thank you for reading our useful information page. I hope that information I gave you would be very helpful for you. You can find tourists attractions that can be seen within the borders of Antalya on our destinations page. You can follow us on our Pinterest and Facebook accounts.

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